MB-70HI - Sonarol


Not unlike the entry-level MB-70 system, the MB-70HI windows from the renowned ALUPROF brand go well installed in separation and in aluminium profile facade systems.


  • A wide range of window functions for the users to choose from
  • Profiles can be bent to fabricate arched windows
  • Various finish versions possible with concealed sash windows, plus the Industrial “steel-look” version and three types of glazing beads: Standard, Prestige and Style.
  • Doors available with 1 or 2 sashes, outswing or inswing, and also with a soft-close function.
  • Designs adapted for various types of fixtures, including concealed window hinges or roller hinges in doors.
  • The foundation for solutions with upgraded thermal insulating power: MB-70 HI, MB-70US HI and MB-70CW HI.
  • Available with two-colour finishes: the profiles can be fabricated in different colours on the inside and the outside.


The Uf-value of the structures fabricated with the MB-70HI system varies with the profiles and accessories, from 1.0 to 2.3 W/m²K. Thermal insulating power is improved with dedicated insulating inserts placed inside the central chamber formed by bridging the aluminium profiles with thermal breaks. With a low U-value, the inserts reduce the heat transfer coefficient across the chamber. As they are placed in the centre of the section, they also reduce heat convection and radiation.