MB-70 - Sonarol


The MB-70 window system developed by the renowned ALUPROF brand is dedicated to external architectural elements which must meet extremely high thermal and sound insulation ratings, including various types of windows, doors, entrance enclosures and other structures.


  • A wide range of window functions for the users to choose from.
  • Profiles can be bent to fabricate arched windows.
  • Various finish versions possible with concealed sash windows, plus the Industrial “steel-look” version and three types of glazing beads: Standard, Prestige and Style.
  • Doors available with 1 or 2 sashes, outswing or inswing, and also with a soft-close function.
  • Designs adapted for various types of fixtures, including concealed window hinges or roller hinges in doors.
  • The foundation for solutions with upgraded thermal insulating power: MB-70 HI, MB-70US HI and MB-70CW HI.
  • Available with two-colour finishes: the profiles can be fabricated in different colours on the inside and the outside.


The MB-70 system is available in a version with an enhanced thermal insulating power provided by dedicated insulating inserts inside the sections and within the glazing gap. Different window versions are available, including the MB-70US / MB-70US HI with a concealed sash, MB-70SG, and MB-70 Industrial, intended for heritage buildings. The system is the entry level for building facades with thermoinsulating IGUs and “cold” framing profiles with MB-70CW or MB-70CW HI.