MB-104 - Sonarol


The door and window system features the MB-104 thermal break from the renowned ALUPROF brand with the highest thermal insulating power available on the market and compliant with all requirements for zero-energy buildings.


  • MB-104 Passive SI and MB-104 Passive Aero window versions certified by Passivhaus Institut in Darmstadt
  • Improved airtightness and thermal insulation power
  • Wide range of glazing options up to 81 mm
  • Euro locking fixture grooves can accommodate most commercially available locking fixtures for aluminium or plastic profile windows
  • Hinge options: surface-mounted, roller, or concealed
  • Door sash profile joints
  • 95 mm wide threshold, equal to the frame


The MB-104 system is designed for the production of external architectural components, including various types of windows, doors, entrance enclosures, display windows and structures which boast superior thermal insulating power, very good soundproofing, water and airtightness and high structural strength. The design of MB-104 sections is available in two versions which vary in energy-efficiency ratings: SI and AERO. The performance specifications of MB-104 doors and windows exceed the current and most stringent standards and regulations. The MB-104 Passive system is dedicated to low and zero-energy buildings.