MB-77HS - Sonarol


The MB-77HS window and door system developed by the renowned ALUPROF brand is a perfect choice for structures which link indoor rooms and solaria with the outside.


  • Robust yet sleek profiles allow fabrication of low-threshold doors with a door sash weight up to 400 kg in weight, 3.2 m in height and 3.3 in width.
  • Two versions of frames are available: with double or triple running rails.
  • Convenient passageways with low thresholds.
  • A wide range of infills, including double and triple glazing units, thermal breaks, optional accessories and thermal insulation inserts to achieve extremely high thermal and sound insulating power ratings.
  • Glazing beads available in three finish versions: Standard (square), Prestige (rounded) and Styles (profiled).
  • The closed form of the glazing beads with anti-burglary features help improve burglary resistance without altering the critical structural members of the doors.
  • The purpose-profiled weatherstrips and glazing gaskets provide a high door tightness with a suitable selection of locking fixtures.
  • The profiles are designed to accommodate many commercially available hand-operated or automatic locking fixture types.
  • The fixed lights are optionally available with the glazing set directly in the frame (to lower the costs and improve the finish).
  • The doors are optionally operated with the HS-Master drive unit controlled with a local switch or a remote, while the safety of automatic operation of the largest and heaviest doors is enhanced with the HS Speed Limiter available in the same system.
  • Burglary resistance up to Class RC2.
  • A wide selection of colours to facilitate any arrangement of the door and a unique design of its surroundings.


The MB-77HS system provides convenient passageway closures between the indoors and balconies, patios or gardens. The systems facilitate direct and easy access to the outside and do not occupy much room inside when open, to improve the comfort of use. The MB-77HS system is one of the highest performance products and meets all the requirements for this product group. It is available in two versions which vary in thermal insulating power: ST and HI. The profile design facilitates fabrication of exclusive doors in large sizes and with double or triple glazing units, while the materials and technical solutions help achieve high levels of thermal and sound insulation. With its features, the system is a perfect choice for single-family homes, comfortable flats, or hotel premises.