PSK sliding system - Sonarol

PSK sliding system

The PSK system is very appealing with a light feel and operating comfort provided by tilt-and-slide fixtures which allow operating the door sash with just one hand.

The PSK sashes are in a single plane when shut. The door sash must be tilted back and pushed into the right running track to slide it open. These doors can be manufactured from the following Sonarol window profiles  ClasicthermOptitherm, and Perfectherm.

The maximum door sash weight is 200 kg in this type of products.


The innovative engineering of the PSK sliding carriages enables years of efficient and reliable use with precise action, even if carrying heavy sashes. The stays keep the door sash tilted away safely when ajar for ventilation. The fixtures for large and heavy sashes feature additional push-back control which assists in pressing the sash shut during closing. The opening action is operated with a similar push-back control.