SCOOP GRAB - Sonarol


The scoop grab is a mini loader implement.

  • The robust and durable structure is made from HS (high strength) steel. 
  • The implement is finished with a powder coat.
  • One heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder provides a firm and good hold of the grabbed material.
  • The bucket bottom is solid for complete scooping and prevents spillage during transport.
  • The bucket blade is made from HS steel and highly resistant to wear.
  • The drop-forged prongs are replaceable and boast a high strength.
  • The thick-gauge cross-beam braces the implement frame and prevent deformation at high loads.
  • The galvanized pivot bushings and pins are made from C45 structural steel with a high wear resistance for an improved reliability of operation.
  • The hydraulic lines and fittings are made to high quality specifications for reliable operation, and can be customized to order.
  • Available width: 0.9 m, 1.0 m, 1.2 m.
  • Standard accessories include the mount.


The scoop grab is intended for carrying manure, corn in bulk and other fine-grain materials that require a good containment across the base of the volume.