The W SNR 1600 3-in-1 combi cutter is three implements in one: a silage cutter, a bale unwrapper with a plastic film or net holder, and a bulk scoop.

  • The robust and durable structure is made from HS (high strength) steel preserved by powder coating.
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders are designed specifically for high performance and a long life.
  • The drop-forged replaceable prongs are high-strength tools dedicated by design to this implement.
  • The thick-gauge cross-beam which holds the prong sockets braces the implement frame well to prevent deformation at high loads.
  • The top jaw is made of HS (high strength) steel with side and front (replaceable) prongs made from hardened steel, which provide cuts with smooth edges. The structure and operation of the implement are designed not to break up heaps when cutting to prevent accelerated festering of the material.
  • The galvanized pivot bushings and pins are made from C45 structural steel with a high wear resistance for an improved reliability of operation.
  • The scoop blade is made of Hardox 500 alloy with a high wear resistance.
  • The solid back wall of the bucket prevents spilling the contents in transport.
  • The 2SN hydraulic lines and fittings are press-clamped by Sonarol and made from premium components manufactured in Poland for reliable operation, and can be customized to order.
  • A highlight of the implement is the hydraulically-operated clamp to hold the plastic film and/or net of the bale being cut; this prevents manual intervention to remove the film / net while feeding animals.
  • The effective service width is 1600 mm.

Standard mount: EURO / SMS

Optional accessories (priced separately): Euro hydraulic couplings


The Combi cutter is three implements in one: a silage cutter, a bale unwrapper with a plastic film or net holder, and a bulk scoop. The implement can:

  • handle pick-ups from horizontal silos and heaps by carving out blocks of hay silage or corn;
  • cut bales open and transport them anywhere for laying off in a feeding aisle without the operator ever leaving the tractor or the wheeled loader;
  • dispense feed additives and help with cleaning (including raking up of silage in silos or removing spilled remains of feed).