Bale Clamp CBE - Sonarol

Bale Clamp CBE

The CBE SNR 1500/1 budget bale clamp is a front loader implement.

  • The implement features a high-performance hydraulic cylinder.
  • The arms of the cale clamp can be opened and closed with variable speed to help the grab clear a stack without damaging the adjacent bales.
  • The bale clamp can work with all types of bales in a diameter range of 0.90 m to 1.55 m and a maximum weight of 700 kg.
  • The whole structure of this product is made of HS (high strength) steel alloy finished by shot peening and powder coating for improved weather resistance.
  • The arms are made from cold-bent dia. 60+ mm pipes with a wall thickness above 2.9 mm for a long life and a sure grab around each bale.
  • The galvanized pivot bushings and pins are made from C45 structural steel with a high wear resistance.
  • The hydraulic hoses feature press-clamped fittings installed by the best professionals at Sonarol and made from premium components provided by select European vendors for a high quality of finish and reliable operation. The hydraulic hoses can be custom-made on request.
  • All working surfaces of the grab are finished smooth for safe handling of bales without any risk of ripping the plastic film wrapping.

Standard mount:

  • EURO / SMS

Optional accessories (priced separately):

  • Euro hydraulic couplings


The CBE SNR 1500/1 bale clamp is intended for handling, sorting and carrying baled hay silage, straw, hay and similar baled products. The robust, precision-made grab arms are safe to plastic-film wrapped bales.