The CBC SNR 2000/1 Combi bale grab is intended for square and round bales with or without plastic film wrapping.

The Combi bale grab without plastic film wrapping:

  1. Suitable for square and round bales.
  2. Minimum round bale diameter ready for handling: 800 mm.
  3. Two symmetric bale grab arms are 1620 mm in height with each carrying four cold-bent prongs spaced every 500 mm.
  4. The folding bottom fork features two straight 1100 mm long prongs with a spacing of 725 mm.
  5. Can be operated with the fork folded out or in.
  6. Overall height: 1800 mm.
  7. Width unfolded: 1750 mm.
  8. Weight: 330 kg.

The Combi bale grab with plastic film wrapping:

  1. Intended for round bales wrapped in plastic film. The forks do not have to be removed: just fold them in so they will not strike the handled bales.
  2. Two bale grab arm opening widths: the full opening width of 2800 mm facilitates carrying; the opening width can be reduced to 1652mm with lock pins as required for the job.
  3. Two symmetric bale grab arms are 1144 mm in height and 960 mm long and made from dia. 48.3 mm tubes.
  4. Overall height: 1715 mm.
  5. Maximum length: 1300 mm.
  6. Weight: 323 kg.

Standard mount: EURO / SMS

Optional accessories (priced separately): Euro hydraulic couplings



  • Features two types of bale grab arms, one for plastic-film wrapped bales and another for unwrapped bales.
  • The standard mount is U-bolts.
  • Other mount types available on request.
  • Double-action hydraulic cylinder.