SONAROL Sp.j. Najda
ul. Polna 27
18-420 Jedwabne

phone./fax 86 217 22 11


History of the Company

SONAROL was established in January 1997 – initially operating as a wholesaler, then a manufacturer of parts for farming machines and automated drinking bowls for cattle and pigs made using its own, innovative solutions. The intensive development of the dairy industry quickly caused the company to work at full capacity.

In 2000, a developed plot of land of over 4 hectares was purchased and the partners in the company made a decision to extend operations to the production of PVC and aluminium carpentry. After only a few months, the windows from Jedwabne started conquering the local market.

The high quality of products and the dynamically developing construction sector shortly required further investments, extending the plant and purchasing a modern machine park.

The next step for expanding the operations was opening the polystyrene foam production plant in Jeziorko near Łomża, where production was launched in 2003. The plant is equipped with modern, high-performance, internally built devices for blowing, forming, cutting, milling and packing. Quick decision-making, on-going quality assurance, timeliness in order delivery and customer care all contributed to the success of this investment, making SONAROL the leading manufacturer of polystyrene foam boards in North-East Poland.

The window production plant was fully automated in 2008. The entire production process is controlled by computers using proprietary software written especially for the company. It covers all stages, starting from placing orders through optimising production, controlling machines, transport, to issuing invoices for finished products. The use of advanced solutions enabled almost completely eliminating human errors.

2010 marked another very important stage in the history of the company related to extension of the window production plant. A new hall was built, with an area of almost 6,000 square metres. Almost a year later, production was launched in the new hall. 10 production lines and 2 most advanced cutting centres ensure a production capacity of 2,000 windows a day.

In December 2012, Sonarol launched its extrusion department, where PVC profiles for the production of windows and doors are extruded. Thus, the company joined the elite circle of companies manufacturing products based on proprietary profile systems and confirmed its growing presence in the market.

In April 2013, a polystyrene factory in Miłomłyn was acquired. The investment was meant to expand the distribution area to Northern and Central Poland. The second production facility benefited both the customers due to even shorter delivery dates and the company through reduced costs related to logistics.

The continued growth of the company and the strong market position are not only owed to modern production lines but mainly to the qualified and long standing personnel, which ensures the customer service is professional. In addition, the own logistics base guarantees that deliveries are reliable and timely.

Currently, the company uses over 12,000 square metres of production space and employs over 250 people, who produce ca. 40,000 cubic metres of polystyrene foam boards, over 12,000 PVC windows, hundreds of PVC and aluminium doors, facades and winter gardens, steel structures for industrial halls, machines for polystyrene foam production, slitters, light trailers, racks for transporting windows and window panes, containers for PVC and aluminium profiles and many more high quality products every month.

Products are sold via the company’s sales representatives and trade partners having product knowledge and trained in assembly, guarantee service and customer service, who form a nation-wide distribution network. Window and door carpentry from Sonarol reaches international buyers from Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Scandinavia, who choose only the highest quality products.

Thanks to the innovative ideas, the company makes use of EU subsidies in its investments. The latest project “Implementing an innovative product of a miller/stacker product by Sonarol Spółka Jawna Najda” is related to the extension of and providing modern machines to the steel structures department. Thanks to the actions taken, apart from production of machines for industry, the company is entering the sector of farming machines and services related to cutting and processing steel.